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Project-Mu NS street pads are developed specifically for street use. Guaranteed to outperform OEM pads, NS pads are reliable in any weather or road conditions. NS street pads give outstanding initial stopping power that is of prime importance on the street. Made in our motorsports factory from Asbestos-free brake compounds, NS street pads have very minimal dust and wear properties.

Friction Coefficient 0.37 – 0.42

Temperature Range 0 – 400°

Fade Resistance Remove Gases and Dust

Gases and brake dust generated from pad/disc friction, burn at high temperatures and can be trapped between the two friction surfaces. This has the effect of reducing friction and is commonly referred to as ‘fade’. This is when the same amount of pedal force it applied, but friction is reduced. Project-Mu put slots in some of their pads to provide an escape for these materials, resulting in more consistent and safer brake performance.

Noise Suppression Chamfer Cut

Brake noise can be the result of numerous factors in a car such as wheel bearing conditions, brake dust, corrosion, caliper stiffness, etc. This noise known as brake squeal is a high frequency vibration created by the friction between the pad and rotor. The vibration can manifest in the caliper, rotor or suspension. It can also be the result of badly designed brake pads. Project-Mu engineer a chamfer into the leading and trailing edges of most pads. This allows a less aggressive interaction between the pad and the disc, reducing the chances of your brakes ‘squealing’.

Minimal Bedding Heat Treatment

All brake pads are manufactured using resins which bond all of the ‘ingredients’ during the manufacturing process. These resins are not needed once the pads are complete and it is the bedding process that removes them. Project-Mu brake pads are put through a heat treatment process during manufacture and therefore require only minimal bedding to match the pad to your rotor surface.

Backplate Design Brake Pad Structural Stability

The backplate on a Project-Mu brake pad is designed to be stronger than the opposition as this is where a lot of brake performance can come from. Project-Mu use only the highest grade quality steel at the correct thickness to ensure this stability. If the backplate is rigid and effective at deflecting heat, brake performance is better. Project-Mu increase the plate thickness by 20% compared to OEM pads and apply a ceramic layer to the back to reduce heat transfer to the caliper and therefore the brake fluid.

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