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6 Piston Caliper Kit

6 Piston Caliper Kit

The ultimate brake upgrade kit for medium to large cars. Featuring the awesome Project-Mu 6 piston billet racing caliper and disc sizes 355x32mm or the huge 380x32mm. This kit will outperform anything on the road or track. A large pad area and disc mass gives the system excellent ability to deal with high temperatures generated when putting your brakes to a serious test. Featuring a high strength body cut from aluminium and designed for high performance and quality, as well as braking capability. Finished in hard alumite with a clear heat resistant coating.

Caliper dimensions length: 300.0mm, width: 160.0mm, height: 76.8mm

Either 355mm x 32mm or 380mm x 32mm 2 Piece Rotors

Kit includes caliper body, aluminium bracket, brake pad, 2 piece rotor, teflon brake line, pad support spring and complete set of bolts.


Piston Seals
The design and quality of the piston pressure seals is very important for both brake performance and your safety. Project-Mu calipers have a dual seal arrangement with a dust wiper seal before the pressure seal to prevent any foreign material entering the pressure system.


Differential Bore Design
For calipers using large area pads, it is important to have differing sized pistons to ensure even more force is applied along the pad. This in turn prevents the pads from wearing unevenly which can result in a long brake pedal. Special care is taken when designing Project-Mu caliper piston sizes for this reason.

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