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4 Piston x 4 Pad Caliper Kit

4 Piston x 4 Pad Caliper Kit

The top of the Project-Mu range in Forged Sports 4 piston Caliper Kits. This kit offers all of the advantages of the other 4 piston kits, but with increased pad thickness for performance and wear advantages. This kit is regularly used in competition situations utilising either 345x32mm or 355x32mm rotors. A total of eight pads can be operated simultaneously with the ideal 1 piston 1 pad specification to enable ideal braking.

Caliper dimensions length: 282.8mm, width: 156.25mm, height: 72.3mm

Either 345mm x 32mm or 335 x 32mm 2 Piece Rotors

Kit includes caliper body, aluminium bracket, brake pad, 2 piece rotor, teflon brake line, pad support spring and complete set of bolts.

Colour options shown above are made to order. Please contact us for enquires and pricing.

Piston Seals

The design and quality of the piston pressure seals is very important for both brake performance and your safety. Project-Mu calipers have a dual seal arrangement with a dust wiper seal before the pressure seal to prevent any foreign material entering the pressure system.

Differential Bore Design

For calipers using large area pads, it is important to have differing sized pistons to ensure even more force is applied along the pad. This in turn prevents pads from wearing unevenly which can result in a long brake pedal. Special care is taken when designing Project-Mu caliper piston sizes for this reason.

Forged Calipers

Project-Mu racing calipers are designed to provide maximum braking performance in all situations. These are produced from high grade billet aluminium which is the method employed by all leading racing brake manufacturers around the world. The only downside to this method is the high costs involved due to the manufacturing process. Therefore Project-Mu have introduced a new range of calipers to compliment billet racing called ‘Forged Sports’. The manufacturing process (same as forged alloy wheels) involves less time, resulting in lower costs. Still extremely stiff and robust, this caliper range gives the best of both worlds, strength and reliability but at a reduced cost.


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