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Forged Caliper Kits

Caliper Kits $4800 - $8900 by Special Order Only
6-8 weeks lead time

All Forged Caliper Kits come complete with caliper bodies, aluminium brackets, brake pads, 2 piece rotors, teflon brake lines, pad support springs and a complete set of bolts.

Calipers are not sold individually.

4 Piston x 4 Pad Caliper Kit

The top of the Project-Mu range in Forged Sports 4 piston Caliper Kits. This kit offers all of the advantages of the other 4 piston kits, but with increased pad thickness for performance and wear advantages.

4 Piston x 4 Pad Slim Caliper Kit

A premium 4 piston caliper upgrade kit with 4 pads per caliper. 4 pads per caliper means twice the leading edges per pad. This also means the caliper has far greater control of the pads force distribution meaning a better feel through the brake pedal.

4 Piston Slim Caliper Kit

A high performance brake upgrade kit to suit small to medium sized cars using 15-16″ wheels, such as the MX5, Celica, Integra and Suzuki Swift. The SLIM tag refers to the narrow overall installation of this kit, allowing a larger range of wheel choice.

4 Piston Mini Caliper Kit

The 4 Piston Mini Forged Sports Caliper Kit is the ideal package for compact cars such as the Mazda MX5, Mitsubishi Colt and Suzuki Swift.

4 Piston x 4 Pad Drift Rear Caliper Kit

Rear caliper kit for drifting that controls the foot and parking brakes with one caliper. The body of the Slim Forged Sports Caliper (4 Piston x 4 Pads) has been improved for rear vehicle use. This product is a specialised brake caliper kit for drifting.