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CRD Rotor

CRD Rotors

From $549

Material: FC Cast Iron

Slots: Eight Directional Straight

Made in Japan and constructed of high quality heat treated cast iron, the CRD rotors feature eight directional straight slots per side for consistent braking and heat transfer. CRD rotors are an ideal OEM performance upgrade with the added advantage of looking good.


Unique Internal Vane Design

Utilising PMU Vein Technology, the CRD rotor is designed with large areas in the directional vane design for air to pass through. The mass of the rotors do a lot of the work in dealing with the heat.

Material Treatments

With increased energy being applied during hard braking, standard discs can distort, reducing braking power and also disc and pad life. Project-Mu rotors are manufactured to exacting standards incorporating special heat treatment processes designed to increase the structural properties of the material. Black chrome is applied as a finishing to provide corrosion resistance and further improvements to disc life.

Slot Design

The primary role of the slots in a performance rotor is to help remove the high temperature gases caused by the pad and rotor surfaces interacting. If these gases are not effectively removed, they can contribute to ‘brake fade’ which is a reduction in stopping power. Slots can also assist with friction levels, but pad compounds should also be considered for this.

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