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G-Four Brake Fluid

100% synthetic brake fluid for high performance driving. With a dry boiling point of 335°c and wet boiling point of 212°c this fluid offers excellent all round performance.

Racing Floating Nut II

M12 x 1.50mm or M12 x 1.25mm Threads   20 Nuts & Lock Key

These lightweight wheel nuts are designed for racing and high-performance driving. It features a floating collar that can rotate on the nut, meaning improved contact with the wheel and more consistency when setting nut torque. The floating collar also acts as a washer to prevent damage to the rim finish when fitting the wheels.

Super 7 Wheel Lock Nut

M12 x 1.50mm or M12 x 1.25mm Threads   20 Nuts & Lock Key

Super Lock Nut 7 use a unique hex pattern and are a must for protecting your wheels. This high strength nut has a heptagonal shape that prevents removal with ordinary tools, thus protecting your wheels from theft. A slim-line adaptor (lock key) is also supplied with the kit.

Anti Squeal Shims

Rubber coating x 2, Cold Rolled Steel Sheets, Acrylic Adhesive

The special compound material acts to improve noise reduction and heat insulation. Brake pad shims are cut especially to suit specific vehicle models and fit perfectly with genuine pads and those made by other manufacturers.

Magnetic Drain Bolt

M12-P1.25   M14-P1.50   M16-P1.50   M20-P1.50

Powerful magnets adsorb iron dust. Drain bolts with holes for wire locks to prevent tangling.

Mechanics Gloves

Synthetic Leather, Nylon, Polyester   Sizes Available – S, M, L, XL

The mechanic glove is designed to be durable in all conditions while providing the highest possible protection. The glove utilises heat resisting, breathable materials with high elasticity. Velcro straps are also available on the wrist area for a firmer fit.

Reservoir Tank Socks

The Project-Mu reservoir tank socks can save your engine bay paint from deteriorating due to leaky reservoir caps.